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episode 333: WTKA Roundtable 3/5/2020: My Dad Will Cry

Things discussed:

  • Appreciation for the seniors: when X arrived Brian asked in slack why did we recruit this 5'11" guy who can't shoot. To come back from that to one of the most definitive point guards in Michigan basketball is quite something.
  • Who's the next PG? Eli can run the plays; if Christopher comes he still needs to learn how a pick & roll works.
  • Stauskas jump for Franz next year? He's gotten better over the course of the season. NBA flight risk? Been way more active as a defender.
  • Wisconsin: Michigan struggles with fives who can shoot even without Brooks. Craig: in the first half the drop coverage was 1.4 PPP, it was 0.8 PPP versus switching.
  • Ohio State: banks should be worth –3 points. Why was Livers playing heroball (8/11 shots forced)?
  • Is Tom Izzo losing it? Will you miss the angry gnome when he's gone?
  • Clone Foster Loyer and play 13 Foster Loyers.
  • Maryland: Sticks is a problem, their shooters are bad or terrible so of course they'll go 5/7 against Michigan. Turgeoning is a verb.
  • Hockey: take away any one of numerous bad bounce goals this year and they win the Big Ten. Have a chance to dig out of the hole and get into the playoffs this weekend. All hail Strauss Mann.


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