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episode 334: MGoPodcast 11.24: Scrub City

"Nunez is killing us" –Mark Turgeon

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1. Hoops vs Maryland

starts at 1:00

Why is scrub city always so good against Michigan? Part of it of course is they needed to guard Jalen Smith at the arc and that creates space for the other guys. Nothing Michigan can do about Cowan hitting those shots: the guards contested but they're shorter. Michigan hasn't shot above 30% for six games: Eli and Livers are 0/8 from three, meanwhile the guys the scouting report says to let them shoot are 6/8. Maryland looks good: cut to the sideline and (former Michigan assistant) DeAndre Haynes is calling all the shots. Franz! D.J. Carstenson gets to litigate another ripped jersey, after X hits a free throw, which means he fouls out halfway through his free throws and Teske has to take the 2nd.

[The rest of the writeup and the player after The Jump]

2. Hoops vs Nebrasketball and Women's Hoops

starts at 23:23

Somehow their PG has had three difference suspensions in the last five games. Sloppyball: Nebraska had 22 turnovers. More good from Bajema. Women vs. Nebraska: KBA autobenches Naz after two fouls, and she gets no more fouls as Michigan comes back in the second half. Hayley Brown, Michigan's stretch five, hit a huge three-pointer at the end. Not a lot of upsets: Michigan's 7/2 win over Northwestern might move them up off the 8/9 line, which should get them out of playing a 1 seed on their home court.

3. Juwan's First Year: The Feels

starts at 41:33

There was a point in the season we were going to win the national title and an upset over Louisville away from being the #1 team in the country, and there was a point where we thought we were going to fall out of the playoffs. Went too far to making Jon Teske a paint guy and lost his pick and roll efficiency. Eli and Big Country earned roles on next year's team. DDJ became a much better defender and looks like a potential breakout guy next year. Livers slumped after his third (ankle) injury, trying to make things happen when he's the guy who needs to let the game come to him—going to be awesome as a complementary piece next year. Their two-point % despite not having a rim guy tells you how well they've been running stuff.

Next year: Todd is a 7-foot Franz Wagner, more sticks than Sticks, Hunter Dickinson is huge, and you know what you're getting from Austin Davis. Will Castleton develop? Long-term: program could be Villanova.

4. Hockey

starts at 1:20:53

Smack dab on the NCAA bubble after a pair of 3-0 wins over MSU in the BTT. Beating Ohio State basically locks up a bid, and losing makes them 40% or less to get an at-large. RPI margins are razor-thin: 11th to 17th are all basically tied. Wish we had another year of Hayhurst after he blew up in the 2nd half of the season. Mann > Hunwick? Brian: You guys might be right, but I'll never admit it.


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