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Our Ohio Weekly shares the story of Ohio agriculture and Ohio Farm Bureau. Each week, this radio program and podcast features guests who represent leaders in agriculture, government, academia and the food industry, among others. Host Ty Higgins talks to interesting guests and brings the story of Ohio agriculture to life by featuring Farm Bureau members and staff who are working hard all across Ohio.



What Ohio Farmers Should Know About Hemp

Shortly after the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, many states ramped up efforts to legalize the crop within their borders. For Ohio, that opportunity came just last year when Gov. Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 57 into law, which created a hemp cultivation license to be administered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. ODA’s Executive Director of the agency’s hemp program will give us the ins and outs of Ohio’s newest crop. 00:00 - Ohio Department of Agriculture's Hemp Program Director David Miran and Ohio Farm Bureau Director of State Policy Tony Seegers. 23:50 -Hear about the unique road to agriculture the 2020 Ohio Farm Bureau Discussion Meet Winner, Micah Mensing, took "To The Beat of Agriculture". 32:20 - What comes with a Farm Bureau membership? Ohio Farm Bureau Vice President Paul Lyons talks about the perks. 42:00 - Find out about Ohio Farm Bureau's upcoming Night with the Blue Jackets.


 2020-03-09  48m