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episode 335: The Ace Pod 2.2: I Need Somebody

This podcast is brought to you by the law offices of E. Jason Blankenship, who’s got a shiny new site to show off.


With the Big Ten yearly awards out, we go over the selections and make our own picks. After starting out in lockstep with the media, we quickly diverge, and we took different approaches to assembling our second and third teams. Poor Daniel Oturu deserves better than second-team but good lord the big men in the conference this year are ridiculous.


Rutgers looks like a good matchup, particularly since Michigan has, y’know, already beaten them twice away from Crisler this year. In general, this is a good draw for a nine-seed, particularly if Michigan can make the requisite adjustments should they get to Wisconsin—they figured out too late that Brandon Johns needs to be the backup center in that game. Both of us get a little weird with our title game predictions.


Can Michigan win the Big Ten tournament? What about the whole damn thing? Also:

  • Describing Juwan Howard’s offensive philosophy
  • What the return of Austin Davis means for next year’s roster
  • John Beilein, Michigan assistant? (No.)
  • Why floor slapping is bad and people who do it should feel bad.

Alex brought up this wonderful Jae’Sean Tate moment and it’s worth treasuring:

  • “I Need Somebody” — Iggy & The Stooges
  • “Shiny New Model” — Bodega


The origin of this is Duke and that’s why everybody hates it.



 2020-03-10  1h22m