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episode 423: Sketchnoting: Visual Notetaking with Mike Rohde

Do you think you’re a terrible artist? You probably do, and that’s a limiting belief so stop saying that about yourself. That’s an episode for another day. Today we’re going to help you see yourself as something different… maybe not an artist, but certainly someone capable of having more fun taking notes, engaging in information, and learning.

We’re thrilled to have Mike Rohde on the show today, the originator of the Sketchnote. New to sketchnoting? No worries! Mike walks us through what a sketchnote is, how to develop a practice and how to use sketchnoting to embrace and engage information with pen and paper and get it into your head.

For Patrons, Mike will be delivering this month’s workshop live on Wednesday, March 11, at 6pm US pacific time.

Links & Notes

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 2020-03-10  53m