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The Cycling Podcast - daily insight and analysis of the Tour de France. Join journalists Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe – and a few special guests along the way – as they podcast about the latest cycling news and the world of professional cycling. Expect a mix of insight and analysis as our three experienced journalists cover not just the big talking points but take you behind the scenes of professional cycling. Richard Moore is the author of Slaying the Badger and Sky’s the Limit, Daniel Friebe writes for Procycling and is author of The Cannibal, a biography of five-time Tour winner Eddy Merckx, and Lionel Birnie is co-editor of The Cycling Anthology, a collection of essays about the Tour de France.


episode 27: The Cycling Podcast Féminin | March 2020

In the March episode of The Cycling Podcast Féminin there's lots of racing, with Orla Chennaoui, Rose Manley and Richard Moore picking out their moments of the early season – until it was stopped in its tracks by coronavirus. 
There's a report from Richard's day in the Drops team car, with Bob Varney and Julian Winn, at Het Nieuwsblad, and we hear from Lizzy Banks, the Bigla-Katusha rider who rode strongly to 6th, Esra Tromp, manager of the Parkhotel-Valkenburg team, and also Rolf Aldag, making one of his first appearances as a sports director in the Canyon-SRAM car. 
And there's an interview with Italian rider Martina Alzini, who tells us about living and training in locked down Italy, where the coronavirus crisis is most serious. 
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