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episode 21: 21 Dr. David Zelman: parenting & living in the present for the future

Dr. David Zelman is 72 years old, married for 40 years, three children and two grandchildren. David has been doing “Transcendental Meditation” for 50 years. Through his work in the last four decades David has achieved enlightenment. David is a behavioural psychologist and received his PhD back in 1976. He has done extensive work with families and children. David has coached thousands of people nationally and internationally, including billionaires, royalty, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes, and performers. David is the founder and CEO of Transitions Institute in Dallas, Texas. His process guides people on a powerful journey of self-discovery and freedom. David feels that individuals are most effective when their intentions and actions are aligned toward a future they deeply desire, and to which they make a deliberate commitment. David says clarity, purpose, and self-expression need to become the guiding principles for living happily and living successfully. In this session we talk about the Transitions model, powerful concepts of parenting and communicating with our children. David shares valuable insights from his forty years of working with people and particularly families and children. The session was truly powerful and there are so many valuable and amazing, positive learnings. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: To be a better Dad I have to be a better self. Live in the present but with a future mindset. Nothing I’ve ever accomplished in my life did I do on my own. Look for opportunities to celebrate your relationship with your kids. My actions and feelings are perfectly correlated to whatever my internal conversations are. Promote a growth mindset in your kids. Kids need to have a say. Teach them to be other-oriented. The capacity to communicate with others is fundamental to their success in life. So is mine. Be present to their being present. Be conscious of their awareness. Be conscious of who I am as a provider in my different roles. Listen, listen, listen to them and their world around them. Don’t hurt them, guilt them or make them afraid of me. Don’t make them choose sides. Please do get involved in our mission to facilitate family success. If you feel that podcasts help and inspire you to be a better parent I am asking you to share two podcasts you love with two dads or moms you love today. Enjoy the session! Links from this episode: Dr. David Zelman’s book: “If I can, you can. Transformation made easy”: --- Send in a voice message:


 2020-03-20  1h0m