Every service member will get out of the military one way or another. This is a show about those that did or are serving, lessons learned & the tales to be told. Tall tales of the battle field, stories of the high seas. The mission in every episode is to be inform and entertain. Most importantly help our brothers and sisters. So Dig in join the fight, then pop smoke til next time.


USMC's Lisa Liberty Crew Chief and Self Belief!

A Unites States Marine, Elite Athlete, Body Building Champion, and Motivational Fitness & Nutrition Coach Lisa battled depression, and fitness literally saved her life. Now she is able to give others the tools to help them save their own lives and loves nothing more than helping others so they don't have to experience the same long struggle she did. Lisa put together the 3 simple steps to fixing your mind, body, and spirit getting you back to the best version of yourself in the quickest way possible, with LASTING results! If you're overwhelmed with where to begin on your health journey, looking for permission to gain more confidence, happiness & success, feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes or even in your own skin!..She gets it! You want to fix the problem and hate that you're not the happy and confident person you once were. You want to LOOK and FEEL your BEST and you don't want to live like this any longer. You're not alone, stop trying to figure it out by yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to, & She is here to show you how. Shell definitely hope you say yes. When asked. Have you done what it takes to accomplish your goals today? If not she is here to help you get on your way


 2020-03-22  1h28m