Dr Kennedy is a guilt-ridden psychiatrist, who is reviewing old recordings of his former patient Alisha, in the hopes of solving the mystery of Ravenscourt. At the time he easily dismissed Alisha's assertion that Ravenscourt was bound to evil. However, many years later his singular faith in that assertion and even reality itself, is starting to crumble. Because somehow the deserted asylum has now started calling to him in his dreams... "Ravenscourt" is a gothic horror influenced #audiodrama #audiofiction ghost story about a psychiatrist who is haunted by past mistakes, the patient he failed and the place he now believes may have played a role in all of it. The story is inspired by St Anne's Asylum in Cork City. The now derelict building was built in the 1850s and the "corridor asylum" is said to be one of the longest buildings in Europe. This Lovecraftian tale, written by David Horgan, is brought to life by thespian actor Mark D'Aughton and Irene Kelleher (Game of Thrones). With special thanks to Sean MacGearailt for the introduction and credits. Produced and edited by Epic Productions and proudly distributed by Cornucopia Radio.



episode 1: Ravenscourt: Chapter One: A Fragile Layer of Sanity

Perhaps you could be forgiven for thinking that the trees that surround Ravenscourt are there to hide its modesty. A privacy afforded to its vulnerable patients and selfless staff. However a darker reading could be that mother nature herself is trying to swallow this evil building from view. Trying to protect us; her naïve inhabitants. The same way a parent covers their child’s eyes when disturbing images appear on the television in front of them.

But the horrors that lay in the Ravenscourt mental health facility aren’t secured behind a television screen. Instead they are only held back from our reality by a fragile layer of sanity, and a story which began with a young woman...


 2020-03-23  9m