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GitHub Actions and the DevOps Lifecycle

Chris Patterson (@chrisrpatterson, Product Manager for GitHub Actions @GitHub) talks about the evolution of GitHub from a collaboration-centric platform to a DevOps-centric platform, as well as discussing the expanding role of GitHub Actions for developers, DevOps and SREs. 

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your background, as you’ve been working on developer productivity for quite a while?

Topic 2 - We’ve been watching this trend of GitHub moving from a place where developers put code, to a place where they collaborate around code, and now it’s expanding out to a full lifecycle around both the code and running applications. Let’s talk about that evolution. 

Topic 3 - Help us understand the basics of GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages.

Topic 4 - What sort of feedback was coming in from developers that pushed GitHub to get more involved in the complete DevOps lifecycle?

Topic 5 - Can you talk about the growth of Actions/Packages since they launched in early 2019? What are some of the interesting use-cases you’ve seen? 

Topic 6 - If you’re able to give us a glimpse into the future, what are some of the other areas where GitHub can expand Actions, or you’re starting to see users push it’s capabilities?


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 2020-03-25  28m