Exploring digital spheres

Come with us on a journey into the realms of the digital: In the podcast Exploring digital spheres you will get to know HIIG researchers from diverse disciplines. We ask them, how our digital society works and what the future might look like. Every other episode, the researchers will enter into a dialogue with other digital mavericks!



episode 25: The way we work

Hendrik Send on digital nomadism and cloud working

Digital innovation influences the way we work – and recreate. Do we use our phones more often on the job, do we more often work from home and can we actually turn off anymore? In this episode we speak about ‘arbeit’ 4.0 and digital nomadism as well as its consequences.

Professor Dr. Hendrik Send is associated researcher in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship at the HIIG and professor at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences as well as he is organizer of the master program ‘online communication’.

In this episode:

  • [Hendrik Send's research
  • find out more in our dossier Work in the digital age
  • current research at the HIIG: Artificial intelligence & knowledge work – implications, opportunities and risks


 2020-03-26  21m