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The goal of the Orange Mud Adventure and Endurance Channel is to highlight the most amazing race directors, athletes, nutritionist, trainers, and influencers in the endurance community. A heavy focus will be on the trail and ultra running, mountain biking, adventure racing, and triathlon distances. We're a bit nerdy here about all these disciplines, and can't wait to interview a lot of our favorite people, and learn from their experiences. If you know of someone that you'd like to be on the podcast, please reach out on our contact page and let us know! Links below, but also syndicated on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Tunein.


episode 67: Amanda Nauman and Precision Hydration's Andy Blow

Join us for an amazing discussion on sweat rate, sodium testing and appropriation, as well as hearing Amanda's feedback on how her rockstar 2nd place finish went down at the muddy Mid South!

Precision Hydration offered our listeners a 15% off your first order code of "precisionmud" at and I'd encourage you to use this calculator to check your sweat rate. Check this link!



 2020-03-27  1h1m