It Bears Repeating: Your Pop Culture Expansion Pack

Two Pittsburgh natives (and still living here), Tiffany and Tom are culture queers talking queer culture with each other and very special guests.


RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 - Ep. 4

**Recap starts at 7:36 after some social distancing delusions** We're back in the saddle after a brief break getting adjusted to our new life as social distancers. Will we go back to cover episode 3? No. It was terrible so here we are to talk about balls! The Ball Ball. Music: "Warm Up Suit" by Broke for Free (CC BY-SA) Support us on Patréon: Instagram - Tiffany's Insta - Tom's Insta - Twitter - Facebook Page - Facebook Group - Website - Email -


 2020-03-27  1h42m