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SecOps in the Cloud

Nati Hazut (Co-Founder & CEO, Polyrize) talks about security in the cloud, ZeroTrust, SecOps, Non-Human Entities and why the old perimeter model no longer works.

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Topic 1 - You have an interesting background in both the Israel military and cyber-security. Can you give a quick introduction for everyone please?

Topic 2 - Brian and I both do not come from security backgrounds and I’m sure we have some listeners out there just learning. Let’s start at the start. SecOps, what is your definition and why is it important today?

Topic 3 - You recently published an article in Security Boulevard (link in show notes) on Non-Human Entities in the Cloud. I found it very fascinating. Can you tell everyone what that expression means and why it is so important in a cloud and SaaS world?

Topic 4 - What are the top challenges with security in the cloud today? I come from the days of the old secure perimeter model. What has changed and why? I would imagine automation and API driven systems have changed this perspective a lot.

Topic 5
- Tell us a bit about your company Polyrize. What problems are you trying to solve? What are the most common use cases? What are the challenges to securing multiple platforms (SaaS, IaaS, etc.)


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 2020-04-01  30m