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episode 177: The Comics Agenda: The Death of Comics and Other Clickbait


We start with a update on what is going on in the comicbook industry including the temporary shut of Diamond Distributors, the reaction of the comicbook companies to said shutdown, a possible solution, and where we see the industry going. 

Michael had us make a choice between two stories for his weird news. We won't spoil it here, but you need to here these choices. 


We had two books that we were able to get advance reviews of before the comicbook world did a bit of an implosion. 

We start out talking about Spy Island #1 from Chelsea Cain. Then we move on to Ludocrats #1 from Image Comics. We ran out of time last week so we went back and decided to check out the trade of Canto from IDW Publishing. Overall a good week for comics despite the lack of many new comics to read. 

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 2020-04-03  1h0m