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426: Storage Stories

We take a look at Cloudflare's impressive Linux disk encryption speed-ups, and explore how zoned storage tools like dm-zoned and zonefs might help mitigate the downsides of Shingled Magnetic Recording.

Plus we celebrate WireGuard's inclusion in the Linux 5.6 kernel, and fight some exFAT FUD.


  • WireGuard VPN makes it to 1.0.0—and into the next Linux kernel — It's a good day for WireGuard users—DKMS builds will soon be behind us.
  • Linux 5.6 Is The Most Exciting Kernel In Years With So Many New Features
  • fs: New zonefs file system — zonefs is a very simple file system exposing each zone of a zoned block device as a file. This is intended to simplify implementation of application zoned block device raw access support by allowing switching to the well known POSIX file API rather than relying on direct block device file ioctls and read/write.
  • Ama-ZNS! Zonefs File-System Will Land with Linux® 5.6
  • What is Zoned Storage and the Zoned Storage Initiative? — Zoned Storage is a new paradigm in storage motivated by the incredible explosion of data. Our data-driven society is increasingly dependent on data for every-day life and extreme scale data management is becoming a necessity.
  • Linux Kernel Support -
  • dm-zoned — The dm-zoned device mapper target exposes a zoned block device as a regular block device.
  • Device Mapper -
  • What are PMR and SMR hard disk drives?
  • Beware of SMR drives in PMR clothing — WD and Seagate are both submarining Drive-managed SMR (DM-SMR) drives into channels, disguised as "normal" drives.
  • Beware of SMR drives in PMR clothing [Reddit]
  • The exFAT filesystem is coming to Linux—Paragon software’s not happy about it — When software and operating system giant Microsoft announced its support for inclusion of the exFAT filesystem directly into the Linux kernel back in August, it didn't get a ton of press coverage. But filesystem vendor Paragon Software clearly noticed this month's merge of the Microsoft-approved, largely Samsung-authored version of exFAT into the VFS for-next repository, which will in turn merge into Linux 5.7—and Paragon doesn't seem happy about it.
  • The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Is Set To Land With Linux 5.7
  • Speeding up Linux disk encryption - The Cloudflare Blog — Encrypting data at rest is vital for Cloudflare with more than 200 data centres across the world. In this post, we will investigate the performance of disk encryption on Linux and explain how we made it at least two times faster for ourselves and our customers.
  • Add inline dm-crypt patch and xtsproxy Crypto API patch


 2020-04-03  31m