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Episode 19: OBS Plugins, Video Editors, Folding@Home, Limiting Internet Usage for Children, Linux Mint Debian Edition

Thanks for joining us. On DLN Xtend Episode 19, Nate spent time trying out some plugins for OBS Studio and Eric continues the hunt for the ideal video editor.

In our Listener Feedback segment, we have a follow up on Folding@Home.

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Our Community Focus discusses ways to limit internet usage for children, particularly the focus on education and alternative activities.

On This Week in Linux, Michael covered the fourth edition of Linux Mint Debian Edition and we discuss using Debian as a desktop OS.

That's all for this week. Be sure to stop by DLN's Discourse, Telegram, Mumble and Discord servers to continue the discussion. More information about this show and other Destination Linux Network shows and creators (like Eric and Nate for example) is available at destinationlinux.network.

Until next time, see yas!


00:41 Nate's Week - OBS Plugins
08:57 Eric's Week - Video Editors
17:21 Listener Feedback - Folding@Home
19:11 DLN Xtend Sponsored by DIgitalOcean
20:16 Community Focus - Limiting Internet Usage for Children
27:35 This Week in Linux - Linux Mint Debian Edition
33:12 Outro


 2020-04-06  35m