Retro Island Diskettes

Retro castaways choose eight music tracks of computer or video game origins through which to tell the story of their life in retro. From arcades to home micros, hackers to demo sceners, every guest has a unique and personal story to tell.


episode 10: Text Adventures - Tim Gilberts | Retro Island Diskettes | Ep.10

Tim Gilberts is perhaps best known as the author of The Quill as well as subsequent tools which allowed non-coders to write their own text adventure games.  Today we discuss his history in the industry, his company Gilsoft and the place of the text adventure in gaming past and present.

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● Music Choices
Theme Tune: Outrun Passing Breeze cover by Banjo Guy Ollie  -

Symphony No. 1 in D major composed in 1888 by Gustav Mahler played on networked ZX Spectrums
Find out more at The Mahler Project:

Uridium Intro on Commodore 64 - Steve Turner
Tetris Theme ‘A-Type’ on Nintendo Gameboy - Hirokazu Tanaka
 Aladdin on Sega Mega Drive - Tommy Tallarico
 Tomb Raider on Sony Playstation - Nathan McCree
Unreal Tournament Main Menu Theme - Michiel van den BosCall of Duty (2003) Main Menu - Michael Giacchino
NextDAW Don't Go - Only You - Arranged by Gari Biasillo


 2019-08-09  1h25m