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episode 23: 23 Dr. Malik Mohammed a journey from homeless child to “Scholar Warrior Dad” on a mission is to improving the human condition

This next session truly left me in awe. It is powerful and inspirational. Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad is a father, husband, educator, transformational leader, entrepreneur and author. He has been married to Christina for 25 years and became a dad at the young age of 20, a second time at 25. Interestingly his step-father and his wife’s father stay with them as well. Malik’s story really is powerful and amazing. Born into a womb of trauma, Malik’s father died during his mother’s pregnancy. He was homeless from five well into his teenage years and spent quite some time in juvenile correction facilities. Malik describes this period as a time of transition, instability and dysfunction - yet he shares amazing insights from that time that helped him as a Dad later in life. Today he has a BA in International Affairs, an MA in Educational Leadership and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership. Always working with the underserved in urban and rural areas, he has focused on the development of boys to men, establishing a tutelage for oppressed youth, and building progressive organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Akoben LLC and Transforming Lives Inc. so he is in the fields of education and mental health. Malik trains people on how to develop restorative relationships with adults and children to bring positive transformation. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: We have to be truth-tellers. Build resilience and perseverance in our children to create an inner fortitude and strength. Don't do things for them or to them, do things with them. Be a man of honour and work hard. It’s all about impact. Explain to your children how their behaviour or not meeting their responsibilities makes you feel. Make sure you stand in your power of moral authority. Model a manifestation of your values to your children. It is mission critical that we make sure the world sees our children through the same beautiful lens that we see them through. We have to fight hard for this! Fathers of boys cannot solely raise their sons. As fathers we have a responsibility to reach many and give them the opportunity to show other boys what fatherhood looks like. Allow myself to be changed by my children as I change them. If you feel that podcasts help and inspire you to be a better parent I am asking you to share two podcasts you love with two dads or moms you love today. Enjoy the session! Links from this session: Malik’s first book The Restorative Journey – Book One: The Theory and Application of Restorative Practices, inspires to think and act differently in leadership, relationships and service to others: --- Send in a voice message:


 2020-04-13  1h2m