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SRE Lessons from the Trenches

Emil Stolarsky (@emilstolarsky) and Jaime Woo (@jaimewoo), co-founders of @IncidentLabsInc talk about experiences running web applications at scale, evolving into SRE roles, communicating SRE concepts across teams, and tips for initial success. 

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds, and some of your experiences that lead you to focus on SRE.  

Topic 2 - SRE is still an evolving concept, and people are still learning about it. How do you frame a conversation with people about how SRE works? How much is technology-centric and how much is culture/process-centric?

Topic 3 - We’re all living in an unusual time, given the current COVID-19 pandemic. How do you see SRE changing as work environments change (e.g. WFH) or volume or change-rate is dramatically impacted? 

Topic 4 - What have you found are successful communication and collaboration models for SREs engineers with their associated teams (or other stakeholders)?

Topic 5 - How well do you find different groups understand the concepts around error budgets and SLOs? 

Topic 6 - If people are just now getting started with SRE, what are some early tips (or tools) that you recommend for them to have initial success (or avoid failures)?


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 2020-04-15  40m