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episode 179: The Comics Agenda: A Visit to Kingdom Come


We had all sorts of news items come up this week. and not all of them were Covid-19 related. 

We start out talking about the success of Trolls World Tour who decided to open in a digital download format this past weekend. With it's success will that mean the end to traditional movie releases? We talk a bit about that. 

We then jump into the comic community coming together to try and help hurting independent bookstores and comicbook shops. In addition we talked about Donnie Cates paying off customer pulls and Todd McFarlands idea to save comics. 

In wonderful nostalgia news, Hulu's reboot of Animaniacs is moving forward and it seems that the original voice actors for Wakko, Yakko, Dot, Pinky and The Brain have all been working hard already. Rumor is a fall debut may be in the cards

Sorry I Called the Cops 

Michael brings a story about a woman who called the cops on someone who was acting suspicious in her neighborhood. The only problem was it turned out to be one of her neighbors who was playing Pokemon Go with her kids. The woman who called the cops felt bad in the end and sent a Pokemon cake to her neighbors as a peace offering. 


Kingdom Come

We talk about the classic DC limited series Kingdom Come. Written by Mark Waid with Art from Alex Ross. In it Superman has socially distanced himself from the world after a hero named Magog killed the Joker and was not punished for it. After that the heroes continued to one up each other in the violence they used to "protect" the world.  

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 2020-04-17  1h20m