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episode 15: Russia’s COVID-19 response, delays to Australia’s Attack-class submarine programme and all the news

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast we dive into the current status of Australia’s submarine procurement programme, talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the Russian armed forces and discuss all the news from the week.

  Newsround (00:37)

In the UK, several vendors have confirmed they will participate in the programme to replace the Royal Navy’s Harpoon 1C anti-ship missile system.

The German Army has plans to enhance its indirect-fire capability by upgrading its legacy PzH 2000 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled (SP) howitzer, procuring new systems and enhancing its key target acquisition capability.

The Polish Armament Inspectorate is preparing to buy new lightweight disposable anti-tank missiles systems for the country’s armed forces.  New requirements call for up to 150,000 anti-tank missile systems to replace the Soviet-era RPG-7 currently in service and the Saab AT4.

In the Middle East, the Israel Navy has terminated a programme to use unarmed and armed USVs for maritime patrol missions. While unmanned underwater systems remain under evaluation, there is currently no alternative plan for Israel to deploy unmanned surface assets.n the US, a statement this week revealed that the US Coast Guard’s Offshore Patrol Cutter programme is ‘back on track’ and the service envisages introducing newer ships into the fleet as Easter Shipbuilding work to deliver the first-in-class USCGC Argus in 2022. 

News focus:
As the French Army deploys the MBDA MMP fifth generation man-portable anti-tank guided missile in Mali, news editor Ben Vogel discusses what the new systems is going to replace and what it means for the French forces in West Africa. 

Land Reporter Flavia Camargos Pereira discusses the Czech MoD’s intention to procure more than 39,000 assault rifles and small arms for its armed forces. With an investment of $94 million, the purpose is to equip Czech units deployed on overseas missions. 

· Deep Dive – Australia’s submarine programme (11:50)

Senior Editor Richard Thomas is on the line with Shephard’s special correspondent Tim Fish to discuss the latest development on Australia’s Attack-class submarine programme. They talk delays, budgets and a possible discrepancy between Australian defence expectations and anticipated deliveries. 

· Interview: Impact of COVID-19 on the Russian Army (28:08)

As the COVID- 19 pandemic continues to strike around the globe, News Editor Ben Vogel speaks to freelance contributor Leonid Nersisyan on the impact of the crisis on the Russian armed forces. What is the Kremlin doing, or not doing, to tackle the current issues that are affecting the military? 

In view of the Victory Day Parade that should take place in Moscow next month, Leonid discusses possible delays or cancellations. 

Music and sound mixing by Fred Prest


 2020-04-17  40m