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Our Ohio Weekly shares the story of Ohio agriculture and Ohio Farm Bureau. Each week, this radio program and podcast features guests who represent leaders in agriculture, government, academia and the food industry, among others. Host Ty Higgins talks to interesting guests and brings the story of Ohio agriculture to life by featuring Farm Bureau members and staff who are working hard all across Ohio.



"Stay At Home" Contingency Plans / Brian's Farming Videos

It is common practice in the military to put together contingency plans for those in the service and their families. These plans are developed for three phases...before deployment, during deployment and after deployment and they focus on trouble spots that many service men and women deal with, including morale, productivity and burnout. Turns out the idea of those types of contingency plans work for those of us that have had to change many aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally due to COVID-19. 00:00 - Ivory Harlow, former Army and National Guard member and current Organization Director for Fairfield, Hocking, Pickaway and Ross County Farm Bureaus. 16:50 - Ag Influencer Brian Brown from YouTube's Brian's Farming Videos (Part 1) 23:50 - Greenhouse and Nursery farmer Gayle Hansen talks about being essential in this week's To the Beat of Agriculture 32:20 - Find out about the Farm, Food and Agribusiness COVID-19 Impact Survey 42:20 - Ag Influencer Brian Brown from YouTube's Brian's Farming Videos (Part 2)


 2020-04-20  48m