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Cloud Observability with ELK and Grafana

Tomer Levy (@TomerLevy, Co-Founder/CEO of @Logzio) talks about how open source communities have evolved to enable Observability, how teams embed Security into their DevOps processes, and tips for managing better collaborations and communications in distributed teams. 

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Topic 1 - Let's talk about your background as both a technologist and entrepreneur, and what excites you about the open-source ecosystem (what motivated you to found

Topic 2 - Observability is a hot topic these days, how are we seeing the open source community and open source tools evolve in this space?

Topic 3 - We've seen an explosion of application traffic and data over the last few years. What are some of the things that tools like the ELK stack and Grafana have done to help with this scale, as well as making life easier for DevOps teams

Topic 4 - You have a background in security. Is it possible to have a DevOps team these days without it being DevSecOps? What are some of the things you’ve seen that are making security more manageable in these fast-changing environments? 

Topic 5 - None of us know when these work-from-home conditions are going to change, or how long the impact might be on a “new normal’. Any tips or suggestions for newly remote teams to be successful around operations? How important is it for engineers to better manage complexity and costs during this time? 

Topics 6 - What are some of the ways that Logz is using your experience in data collection and data visualization to give back to help during these trying times? 

Topics 7 - Can you tell us about your upcoming online event -- OpenObservability -- and how the agenda and speakers will cover some of these items in more detail with their unique insights? 


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 2020-04-22  31m