Round Springfield

Round Springfield is a Simpsons-adjacent podcast hosted by Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott where they interview writers, directors, showrunners, and voice-actors from the Simpsons-verse on their various paths to Springfield, failed pilots, other projects, and beyond. In this 20-episode limited series, you'll hear David X. Cohen talk Futurama, Josh Weinstein talk Mission Hill, and Yeardley Smith dig deep into her diverse path of becoming Lisa Simpson.


episode 208: Cesar Mazariegos

This week, we're joined by Cesar Mazariegos. He's currently a staff writer on The Simpsons! We'll get the scoop on how the Simpsons is currently being made during quarantine. We'll also talk about his Stage 13 Original High & Mighty and his time working on the drama procedural Deception. We'll throw it back to some of his earlier life experiences before he was a writer – his time as a stress management counselor and a funeral assistant. Plus, he shares a ton of advice and lessons he's learned on his way to The Simpsons.

This episode was recorded remotely during quarantine. You might notice differing audio quality from previous episodes – but we’re trying to make it work for you! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.



 2020-04-27  59m