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Managing App Sprawl with SaaSOps

Aaron talks to Jim Brennan (CPO @ BetterCloud) about SaaSOps and the challenges of managing SaaS applications in a world when IT is becoming decentralized.

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Topic 1 - Jim, welcome to the show. tell everyone a little about yourself and what has you so passionate about making SaaS better?

Topic 2 - Over the years on the podcast we have watched the growth of the SaaS market. It seems a market isn’t truly it’s own until you attach Ops to it… We’ve seen DevOps, SecOps, NoOps, and many others. So, today we are going to talk about SaaSOps. What is SaaSOps?

Topic 3 - At the core of SaaSOps is the ability to discover all the SaaS capabilities that are being used across a company. There is no longer a central place in IT to discover things, and no longer a fixed perimeter for input and output. So how do you discover things in SaaSOps?

Topic 3a - On the flip side of that, how do you manage data discovery, because if things didn’t go through a known exit point, how do you connect what data left the company (or might be insecurely stored somewhere?)

Topic 4 - Every industry has growing pains. What are some in the SaaS industry? Security seems to always be a pain for everyone...

Topic 5 - How is this space different from straight up identity management and the classical dashboard of SaaS and other apps that may be provided to me as an employee of a company?

Topic 6 - Your background is non-Silicon Valley and the company locations reflect that. How has it been building a company outside the bubble?


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 2020-04-29  30m