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The adventure cycling and bikepacking podcast. Join us as we travel the length and breadth of the UK, seeking out the very best off road riding in the wild and wonderful British Isles. We’re seeking out the riders, route masters, gear designers and creatives that help us get the most out of leaving the tarmac behind. Our introductory series explores the fundamental concepts of what it means to ride off road; exploring cycling history, how new communities are being born all over the country and how attitudes are changing more than they have done in decades. We want to show you what happens when we take this kind of riding to the extremes and how the cycling industry is responding to the surging all-terrain appetite. This is not a studio podcast. We’ll be joining our guests as they showcase the very best of their local dirt, come snow, rain or shine (literally, it’s winter you know). With each episode we’ll be providing you with the route and highlights on our Unpaved komoot account so you can go and enjoy the locals’ best off road trails all over the UK too.



Becoming Ultra: Journeys into endurance cycling

From very different beginnings, both Philippa Battaye and Tom Probert are experienced endurance riders, having completed GBDURO, the Silk Road Mountain Race, numerous Transcontinental races, Further and Italy Divide to name just a few. But how do you get into this kind of racing, and what are the mistakes you learn from along the way? We huddled around the campfire with some whiskey and our friends to find out.

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 2020-03-11  53m