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episode 160: Making a Gallon of Mead: Micro Mead Making With Michael Jordan

Yay, we have just released a new beekeeping show. We hope you will enjoy this one. We sure enjoyed bringing it to you.

We interview Michael Jordan who is a Beekeeper, Educator and Mead Maker from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. In this episode we discuss how and why Micro Mead Making is the greatest way to start Making Mead.

Links / Resources mentioned this week

  • Follow what Michael is doing on his FaceBook Page HERE
  • 52 Meads in Year Videos
  • Michael Jordan #1 AMMA CBD/THC Mead Award winning Medical Mead Movie
  • American Mead Makers Association

What is in the Show

  • What is Micro Mead Making 00:04:41
  • What is the advantages of Micro Mead Making? 00:06:32
  • Little John's Braggot 00:07:57
  • How much Honey do you need to make a batch of Mead 00:08:50
  • Is Mead expensive to make? 00:09:49
  • The cannabis mead Michael Made 00:11:44
  • Mead as Medicine throughout History 00:12:32
  • A Meadery joins the fight against COVID-19 00:14:59
  • Why was Michael Been Banned? 00:15:46
  • Get the whole Family Involved 00:16:44
  • Banana Mead 00:17:25
  • The four major components of Mead 00:18:32
  • Why you need to document what you did 00:21:45
  • Award Winning Meads are not always good drinkable Meads 00:22:45
  • How long do you age a mead? 00:24:33
  • Is it legal to make mead? 00:26:11
  • Don't drink anrgry 00:28:54
  • Friar Michael can Marry you 00:29:15
  • History of Mead 00:31:27
  • What is Honeymoon Mead? 00:34:08
  • Michaels Dream is to own his own Meadery 00:35:40
  • Why making cannabis mead might get you banned 00:38:29
  • The Fat Bee Man Facebook Group 00:41:55
  • You only have to find one 00:44:19
  • Our Key Takeaways 00:46:27
  • Who helped us in bringing this show to you? 00:48:13

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 2020-05-03  50m