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Anthony and Larry here to bring you our memories of a time long forgotten but slowly seeing a light of day in the world of video games.Blow off the dust from the carts. Get your wires untangled. We about to go retro!!!


The Retro Gamers - Episode CLXXXII: May The Force Game With You

Best friends Larry and Anthony played a bunch of Star Wars video games while growing up. Today, they celebrate Star Wars week by strolling down memory lane and discussing some of their favorites.

Draw your lightsabers and get ready to defeat the evil Empire from Atari through PS4. May the force be strong in this episode.

Thanks to listener Eliezer R. for the suggestion!!!

The Retro Gamers:
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Open/Close Music:
“Home at Last“
off of “Lesser than Three” by Ozzed


 2020-05-05  1h1m