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Time and Space celebrates “Doctor Who,” one the world’s most enduring television sci-fi series. Co-hosts (and recently married couple) Jessica Nunn and Phillip Gilfus take an in-depth look at the current episodes of the Doctor and her companions, exploring how the new adventures of the Thirteenth Doctor break new ground and reach back into the canon. Jessica, a newer Whovian and an 11-year resident of the United Kingdom, and Phillip, a lifelong resident of the USA and fan of classic & nuWho, join together to discuss characters, stories, technology, Big Finish audio adventures, novels, and comics. They journey into the “TARDIS archives” each episode to look at how classic Doctor adventures helped pave the way to contemporary stories. Join Time and Space as Jessica and Phillip explore their love of “Doctor Who,” and, occasionally, for each other.



Farewell, Companions

"The Faceless Ones" Animated Restoration

There are many "lost episodes" in the "Doctor Who" franchise - but luckily animation provides a way to bring these episodes back to life. The Second Doctor serial "The Faceless Ones" is the most recent to be restored, and so Richard Carrier of Clever Dick Films joins to talk about Patrick Troughton, the wonders of the airport, and how Ben and Polly exit the series.

In our look inside the TARDIS library, the trio discuss "Farewell, Sarah Jane," a webcast that assembles an amazing panel of Who characters to finally say an in-universe goodbye to Sarah Jane Smith.


 2020-05-06  1h16m