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Sailor Moon - The Scout's Dilemma

Or the full title: Sailor Moon - The Scout’s Dilemma: School’s Dangerous Curriculum and The Mysterious Janitor

Ian takes us and guests through Sailor Moon, the (official!) RPG! The Sailor Senshi and their fellow students are gearing up for a tough national test at school. Meanwhile, the school's janitor is trying to keep tabs on everyone...

(Thanks to our special guest Tom from our friends at Role Playing Public Radio!)

(Also, Aaron and Noah have started a new anime podcast recently! Check out Thinking Too Hard About Anime for deep dives into beloved anime, starting with Cowboy Bebop! Available through many podcast apps!)

Ian: GM

Aaron: Hino Rei / Sailor Mars

Ben: Kino Makoto / Sailor Jupiter

Greg: Haruka Tenoh / Sailor Uranus

Tom: Saito Kenshi / The School's Janitor


 2020-05-06  3h8m