It Bears Repeating...

Two Pittsburgh natives (and still living here), Tiffany and Tom are culture queers talking queer culture with each other and very special guests.


A Look Back at the Met Gala Looks of the 1990s

YouTube Version: Google Doc of Looks - This week we do the Time Warp and travel back to the 90s. Since we didn't get a Met Gala this year, we wanted to take a look back at a decade we existed in but didn't know luxury. Please enjoy this episode here or on YouTube! We ask you... is this fashion? Lizzo’s Spotify Podcast: Good As Hell w/ Lil Kim Part 1: Support us on Patréon: Instagram - Tiffany's Insta - Tom's Insta - Twitter - Facebook Page - Facebook Group - Website - Email -


 2020-05-08  1h8m