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Cloud BI for Everyone

Pedro Arellano (@DSSPedro, Head of Product Marketing, Looker) talks about the evolution of Business Intelligence (BI), how BI is used by more than data scientists, the importance of visualization, and creating new ways to correlate data sources.

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. You’ve been around the data industry for a while, and were part of the Looker team that was acquired by Google Cloud in 2019. Tell us a little bit about your background, and what excites you about the Business Intelligence space. 

Topic 2 - We live in a world where we are presented with large amounts of data on a daily basis, but most of us aren’t data scientists. How does Looker’s approach to Business Intelligence appeal to the masses? 

Topic 3 - Usually BI requires a significant investment in ETL technologies to be able to bring together many different data sources. How does Looker overcome that, or apply “data models” across a variety of data sources. 

Topic 4 - Looker has always emphasized the visualization elements of data. Some data scientists live in spreadsheets or Jupyter notebooks. How important do you find it is to be able to visualize complex data, especially as it needs to be used to communicate across groups within a company? 

Topic 5 - Given that Looker allows many different types of data sources to be part of the analysis, do you do anything in working with customers to help them think about “new” data sources that could provide new correlations or viewpoints to their business? 

Topics 6 - What are some of the examples of new ways that you’re seeing companies use Cloud BI, either to enable new teams to have business insights, or collaborate better across teams?


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 2020-05-13  28m