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episode 6: Looking towards a 'new normal' - Life in the Time of Covid-19

As we begin to see some countries relax their pandemic restrictions and allow the general public back into society at varying levels, naturally our attention turns to what that new version of daily life might look like. In this host-only chat, Ben and Brooke discuss what they hope the 'new normal' might entail, whether we should simply be re-entering or re-booting society, and what each of us can do now in order to set that in motion. 

Australia’s government is talking about a snap back to pre-virus ways of doing things. But doesn’t that just mean a return to old problems? What if we instead adopted the theme of rebooting back into society, rebooting the way we managed our finance, our view on the environment and even our values?

Brooke and Ben dig in to what this means for them, why we need to reframe success and why we can take heart even amidst the pain and uncertainty. 

Plus they pose some questions to you, the listener, that offer the chance to imagine your ideal post-Covid future and provide a place to begin creating it. 

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 2020-05-14  41m