Resonance: An Anarchist Audio Distro

We are recording anarchist and related texts and distributing them in audio forms. In this way we hope to make anarchist ideas more accessible and anarchist practice more informed. We may not agree with every word of every text we record but hope that the distribution of these texts in audio form continues lively anarchist discussions and ultimately we hope that those discussions lead us into the streets.


The Unquiet Dead Ch 7 – AudioZine

The Unquiet Dead Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology Chapter 7. Elitism, Populism, and Democracy – By Anonymous – MP3– Read– Print – Archive– Torrent– YouTube

Chapter 7 discusses Nietzsche, anti-Semitism and elitism as well as The Peróns fascism and populism. The full text is available at; we will be posting recordings of other chapters in the future.

“I tell you unless something is done to alleviate such things there will be more anarchists, aye, red-handed anarchists, in this country. I do not wonder that there are anarchists in this country; the wonder is that there are not more of them.”

Simon & Garfunkel – I Am A Rock, Sum 41 – Fatlip,  Sharon Campbell – Evita – Don’t Cry For me Argentina, John Mellencamp – Pink Houses

Trailer for another podcast in the Channel Zero Network from Time Talks Podcast


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