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episode 771: Ferment All the Things

  • Facebook Buys Giphy, Apple AR Glasses, Unreal Engine 5
  • Facebook buys Giphy for $400 million
  • Facebook setting up a political advocacy group for big tech
  • US Government going to sue Google for monopolizing online ads
  • Trump tweets that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are controlled by the "Radical Left"
  • Facebook has half of its oversight board in place already
  • Zoom fatigue is real: is avatar-based chat the cure?
  • Apple AR glasses coming in 2021
  • Unreal Engine 5 will push game development to new heights
  • Twitter says that people can work from home forever - but should they?
  • Robotic backboard makes all the shots

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Dwight Silverman, Mike Elgan, and Brianna Wu

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 2020-05-18  2h8m