The Dog Savant Podcast

The Dog Savant Podcast features celebrity dog trainer Brett Endes. Brett is the star of The Untrainables series featured on Facebook Watch and has been a professional dog trainer/problem behavior specialist for over 27 years. Aggression, separation anxiety, house training, and everything else - Brett's got you covered. Learn how to understand your dog and solve behavior problems utilizing Brett’s unique and proven way of training dogs. Visit for more info. Follow Brett on: Facebook: Instagram: @thedogsavant Twitter: @thedogsavant Patreon: Watch the Untrainables!


episode 7: Potty Training

A housebroken dog is a happy dog. In this podcast you will learn how to teach your puppy good bathroom habits from the start. Brett also gives tips on how to troubleshoot problems and on teaching your adult dog how to improve their potty training acumen.

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 September 1, 2018  17m