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Network Security with Adaptive DDI

Andrew Wertkin (Chief Strategy Officer @ BlueCat) talks about Enterprise DNS, DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM), and the differences between Adaptive network security and public cloud security.

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Topic 1 - Andrew, tell everyone a little about yourself.

Topic 2 - Our topic today is all about network security and foundations. Over the years, our networks have become complex and we have multiple infrastructure systems to maintain such as on-prem DHCP, VPC connections to public cloud, public facing, etc. Tell everyone a little bit about the challenge and your findings with customers in the industry.

Topic 3 - I’ve heard Enterprise DNS and DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM), what’s the difference? Doesn’t everyone just use a spreadsheet still? :)  What’s changed?

Topic 4 - How has an era of new devices (VOIP, IoT, Edge, etc.) affected management and security approaches?

Topic 5 - What are the tradeoffs and design considerations when it comes to all of the above (multiple clouds, multiple types of devices, multiple vendors with management tools). Are we talking about an overlay, a replacement tool? How does this unification happen? Aren’t there differences for instance in DNS implementations between vendors?

Topic 6 - What’s next for industry? What are the use cases both today and in the future?


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 2020-05-20  32m