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episode 357: Dance Music Radio | Dirty Disco 357 | 23 Must Have Tracks For DJ's & Lovers.

Trying to find the right words in a title to describe my weekly music show is always hard as there are so many interpretations of the same thing. Last week i called show 356 a House Music Podcast (because of the many Deep-house tracks in it) This time i prefer to use Dance Music Radio as a preferable term for Dirty Disco 357.

Dance Music Radio | Online Electronic Music Radio Show.

Nowadays understanding defines a lot under all the terms i sue for my music show. As even music show can be something with many interpretations. Is it a podcast, a hosted / presented DJ mix? An online radio show? Or perhaps even an online radio station? You see Dirty Disco goes beyond all of these concepts as it fills all gaps and it’s becoming more and more a full music platform with extensions everywhere. Next to our music blog and presented music podcasts. My weekly show also is broadcasted on various online and offline (FM) dance music radio stations worldwide.

The show is available on various music platforms such as Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and a few other big brands. And more recently i started to experiment with live streaming events such as on the all new Mixcloud Live platform.

However you would like to call and refer to Dirty Disco it’s all about the love for music and the electronic music scene. So without further ado let’s get on with the music selection in this week’s dance music radio episode 357.

Highlighted Music Reviews.

In this essential selection there are 23 new dance tracks ranging from: electronic beats and breaks. Funky Nu Disco and Indie Dance. Electronica, Deep Disco, Jazzy Deep, Disco House until a few of those real deep house groovers.

Among the 23 tracks in this very blended dance music radio mix 14 of them are available on that now very unique piece of plastic. Vinyl lovers can eat their hearts out with these beautiful releases on 12”. Just check the full track listing on the bottom of this post to see which music releases are available on vinyl. On the current time of writing and recording this dance music radio show there are 4 promo’s included and among them are:

* Felipe Gordon – For A Bright And Acid Future | Local Talk | 30-6-20* Danny Tape – Play Games | Mole Music | Rel date: 1-6-20* Igor Gonya – I Need Ya I Want Ya | Nyon Records | 29-5-20

Let’s see which music labels, artists and their tracks are in this week’s dance music radio selection.

The Magician – Renaissance | Atlantic Records UK.

Stephen Fasano is one of the finest Nu Disco / Disco House Music producers in Belgium and far better known under his artist name: The Magician.

It’s been a while since he released new music but luckily he is back with his first release in 2020 a brand new Renaissance EP on Atlantic Records UK.

On the Renaissance EP you’ll find 2 new tracks: You And Me, and Disco Romance. My ears got attracted by Disco Romance so i decided to include the track in this essential selection.

Bufi – Ópala | Depaart Records.


 2020-05-25  2h6m