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episode 772: 52 Cents & a Bag of Pop Chips

  • Microsoft Build Highlights, Surface Earbuds Review, Minecraft's Biggest Month
  • College Board sued over flawed online AP tests
  • Minecraft Dungeons Review
  • Minecraft hits 162 Million users/month
  • Former TWiT Producer OMGChad's OMGCraft hits 1,000,000 YouTuce subscribers!
  • Satya Nadella's "RGV2cw" Easter Egg spells "Devs" in Base 64
  • All the easter eggs in the Microsoft Build 2020 livestream
  • Microsoft Build 2020 highlights: Project Reunion and Fluid Framework
  • Microsoft embraces open source: it's a whole new Microsoft
  • Twitter says everyone can work from home forever. Facebook says they can, too, but they might pay you less if you move out of state
  • Joe Rogan podcast is now a Spotify Exclusive - will other podcasts start going exclusive?
  • Zoom vs Discord vs Facebook Rooms
  • How to beat Zoom fatigue
  • Will working from home kill the 75-hour work week, or make it worse?
  • Work-from-home means less commuting, for better or for worse
  • Will conferences stay virtual, go back to face-to-face, or be a hybrid?
  • What Zoom/Teams/Slack/Meet/etc solution does your company use?
  • Zoom solves its security issues - or at least seems to be working on it very hard
  • How well is your school handling distance learning?
  • Different communication strokes for different gamer folks
  • Tom Hanks' movie "Greyhound" is a $70 Million Apple TV+ Exclusive
  • HBO Max premieres May 27th, adding yet more confusion to the online media world
  • Bad news about that $125 Equifax settlement
  • Grandma ordered to remove photos of grandchildren over GDPR violation
  • Facebook found not liable for spreading terrorist content by US Supreme Court
  • Walmart kills after buying it for more than $3 Billion

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Lindsey Turrentine, Daniel Rubino, and Lisa Schmeiser


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 2020-05-25  2h28m