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episode 45: Abt gets fine for sim racing help

This week on the show we talk with Jacob Reid, FE race at home challenge participant and part of Drillers E-sports about the challenge series, Drillers E-sports and what he is currently racing in. We also talk about Daniel Abt. If you follow Formula E then I'm sure you know why he is in disrepute. Lots of interesting sim racing facts on this episode of Regen.

EDIT: This was before we knew of Abt's termination from Audi.

Thanks Jacob for joining us,

You can find him on twitter @JacobReid66

Media of the week:

  • Deano - The Purple Sector YouTube Channel
  • Chris - Blood & Treasure TV Show

Links from the show:

  • The-Race: Mortara always sick because of formula e weight rules - Article
  • The-Race: Abt disqualified and fined - Article

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 2020-05-27  37m