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Continuous Reliability

Tal Weiss (@weisstal, Co-Founder/CTO of @OverOpsHQ) talks about the challenges of frequently deploying applications, understanding cloud-native patterns, and helping developers debug problems in production.

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. You’ve been a software developer, an entrepreneur and worked on some pretty challenging technical areas - tell us a little bit about your background. What motivated you to start OverOps?

Topic 2 - We are quickly moving to a world where software is no longer a “big bang” planning activity, but lots of continuous activities, loosely coordinated. What sort of challenges does that create for production applications? 

Topic 3 - OverOps talks about this concept of Continuous Reliability. What does this mean in a world where cloud-native patterns are teaching people that they should build systems that are designed around unreliable infrastructure?

Topic 4 - How does OverOps begin to make it easier for developers to debug production problems, especially when there are many tools collecting lots and other information about systems? 

Topic 5 - Where do you see the most progress for companies that have these highly variable, fast-moving application environments improving the most? Is it the evolution of SRE teams, or visibility tools, or something else?  

Topics 6 - Any tips you can pass along to our audience for reaching continuous reliability?


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 2020-05-27  31m