Mosaic of China

An English-language podcast showcasing people who are making their mark in China.一个轻松愉快的英语播客,展示了一群目前正在中国留下印记的人。


episode 22: The Immersive Producer (Roz Coleman, Sleep No More)

At the time of recording, Roz Coleman was the International Company Manager of the immersive theatre experience “Sleep No More” in Shanghai. This has given Roz a unique appreciation of audience responses in different countries and cultures, and during our short chat she shares some great observations about human behavioural traits in China.


The obvious irony is that our discussion covers audience behaviour in environments where people are crammed together and inhabiting each other’s space. Well of course that’s not what we’re experiencing now in February 2020, with most facets of everyday life on lockdown in China. I hope that my chat with Roz will be a good reminder that our current situation is only temporary.


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 2020-02-18  28m