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Hello, Internet! You are now experiencing Technical Difficulties! We are a tabletop role playing game podcast, inspired by the likes of Role Playing Public Radio and The Drunk and The Ugly. We record our game sessions using Google Hangouts and want to share them with you. New episodes every Wednesday.


Red Markets, Black Death - Playtest 7

The Takers are once again brought into the world of royalty as the Lord of Cusy needs some help with a present for King John. Also horses.

Ethan: GM

Adam: Hanspeter Stauffen, the grizzled Mercenary from Switzerland

Ben: Brother Guispert, a perfectly, perfectly sane and pious Monk

Ian: Seelie, an Outlaw Hunter from Ireland who was exiled due to picking up the wrong bounty.

Laura: Joanna Enclume, a Blacksmith single mom who is trying to balance her work with some supplemental income from Taking


 2020-05-27  2h0m