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episode 46: HiFi reads and HiCanu with Sergey Nurk and Sergey Koren

In this episode, I continue to talk (but mostly listen) to Sergey Koren and Sergey Nurk. If you missed the previous episode, you should probably start there. Otherwise, join us to learn about HiFi reads, the tradeoff between read length and quality, and what tricks HiCanu employs to resolve highly similar repeats.


  • HiCanu: accurate assembly of segmental duplications, satellites, and allelic variants from high-fidelity long reads (Sergey Nurk, Brian P. Walenz, Arang Rhie, Mitchell R. Vollger, Glennis A. Logsdon, Robert Grothe, Karen H. Miga, Evan E. Eichler, Adam M. Phillippy, Sergey Koren)
  • Canu on GitHub (includes the HiCanu mode)
  • The Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) consortium


 2020-05-27  1h9m