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OMRP - Chapter 123 - Top 10 Movies of 1994!

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and nostalgia lovers, it's time for Chapter 123 of the One Man Renegade Podcast and this time we are coordinating with the YouTube Channel, which you can check out HERE! Which if you haven't check out, you should head on over there and subscribe, then go ahead and watch, like and share all the videos. Anyway, in the most recent weeks, I have been focusing on 1994 on the channel, so felt that I should do something on the podcast to coincide with that, and one thing you all know I love to discuss on the podcast is movies, so just makes sense to list my top 10 movies of 1994! I know that my picks are gonna be a bit controversial, so let me know what your lists are and how they differ from mine. I also talk a little about movies in general from 1994, it's a lot of fun, so go ahead and give it a listen, and then be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcast of Stitcher and go follow @OneManRenegade on twitter and Instagram, and like the Facebook. Thanks for listening and stay safe!

OMRP - Chapter 123 - Top 10 Movies of 1994


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