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episode 74: Vanmoof Again! - Talking S3/X3 with Taco Carlier

Today Oliver interviews Taco Carlier, CEO of Vanmoof, about the recently released S3/X3 bikes and the company’s recent venture fundraise. They’re one of the largest and fastest growing urban bike manufacturers globally, and this was a great discussion about the state of the industry in these tough COVID times.

Specifically they dig into:

- A summary of Vanmoof for those that haven't had a chance to listen to the last podcast, including their brand and design strategy, as well as basic facts about the company.

- How they’re looking at COVID, including a discussion about sales, supply chains, how they’re seeing cities react, and how ridership has been changing.

- An extensive discussion on the new S3/X3 which has been reviewed exceptionally well, including deep dives on the components, the pricing, the design, end-to-end service packages, sales channels, powertrain and theft protection, and what the driving considerations were for each.

- A discussion on the venture capital market vis-a-vis their recent 12.5m Euro raise, and how he’s thinking about the funding opportunities and challenges for both shared and owned companies in the space?

Taco is a legend in the space - excited to share this one!

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 2020-05-28  58m