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BIGGEST RISK with Ben Mandel

Ben Mandel, what is the BIGGEST RISK?

Ben Mandel  

Well, the biggest risk actually has two cards. Initially, the biggest one Risk is, as compared to the 1031 exchange, you, you will end up having to pay the tax at some point in the 1031. Exchange if you hold the property until you pass there's no tax ever pay. So that's that's part A of the biggest risk. Part B of the biggest risk is, if you were to pass prior to the note being or the time period being completed on the transaction, then the heirs would have to choose whether or not they wanted to actually leave this open in the estate of the decedent or if they wanted to pay the tax early.

We never suggest leaving it open in the state of Tennessee. The idea with estates usually is that you want to close them as quickly as possible. So those are the two biggest risks that last or risk we utilize, or we recommend to the sellers advisor. If they consider utilizing a survivorship insurance policy to transfer that risk of pre deceased in the 30 years, and having that benefit available to the heirs so that they could choose to just pay the tax when the individuals passed away. Otherwise, the biggest risk is if the if the individuals do not pass, there has to be some sort of plan that would allow them to pay that tax in 30 years.

Theoretically, if you invest your money and you do well, you'll have plenty of money to pay the tax. But what we suggest to the advisors in the event that they do outlive the 30 year period, that they set aside a certain percentage small percentage of the asset or the dollars that they receive into a conservative interest paying account, treasury bonds, municipal bonds, that would help to defer or or assist in paying that tax when it comes to you in 30 years.


 2020-06-02  2m