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episode 288: Nothronychus, the most complete therizinosaur

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Dinosaur of the day Nothronychus, the most complete therizinosaur ever found.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • #BlackBirdersWeek is everywhere this week, spreading images and facts in support of Black nature enthusiasts and birders
  • The South American elaphrosaur Huinculsaurus is the youngest described to date
  • In Taipei, Taiwan, Evolution of the Banana Fish Solo Exhibition is going on until June 6
  • A set of Jurassic Park gates are for sale after being used for an Australian girl's birthday
  • Near Darwin, Australia a large fiberglass dinosaur known as Big Kev was recently reassembled
  • The 28th season of Power Rangers will be called Power Rangers Dino Fury
  • Captain Marvel #9 had Captain Marvel take out two T. rex with a single punch


 2020-06-04  24m