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episode 776: 03 June, 2020 – Episode 776 – It’s Time For A Change

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Protest Psychology, Fox Life, COVID Self Care, Hemorrhagic Microbiome, Not So Royal Jelly, Misery Loves Company, Lab Grown Livers, Dead Sea Puzzle, Triple Negative, Fleeing Pole-Ward, Geo-engineered Problems?, Feral Cat Death, Rescue Dogs, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
The looting has got to stop.
No excuse for it.
The opportunistic nature of the looters should be met with force
Military force if necessary.
I speak of course about the last major tax cuts for the already rich
Which amounted to a 2.3 trillion dollar looting of government spending ability.
Adding trillions to the national debt while getting nothing in return.
What else would 2.3 trillion dollars pay for?
295 years of the National Science Foundations budget
the elimination of all current student debt in the US
Along with 102 years of the National Science Foundations budget
Enough to triple the federal spending on public schools
Every, single, one of them…
When we see looting we react as we should.
It is wrong, and something should be done to stop it.
But let us be clear eyed when we call for force, violent force to resolve it.
If we are talking about financial damage to our nation
Let us count the ways
Let us add up actual cost that looters have taken
And let us direct our outrage where it is most deserved
This week in science
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Please, visit Campaign Zero and 8 Can’t Wait to learn more about ways to reduce deaths due to police violence.
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 2020-06-06  1h40m